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Public relations development@Skill up know-how in regards to the approach and media acquaintances Do the work without prior experience, by OJT.

We instruct the person in charge of your company about the Japanese media PR strategy and the tactics of PRest during the term of the contract by using a method which is easy to follow. Because an information dispatch system by your company has been built, you will become independent and can repeat the Japanese media relations process after ending your contract.
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Developing public relations Getting the know-how of PR and reforming to [a company which can speak out]
oqThe know-how
Commentary [public information upbringing]
  • In the companies which are carrying out Japanese media promotions, there are many of them which ask the new promotion agency for "representation of the promotion activity" after cancellation of the contract with the existing promotion agency. This means that the promotion know-how is not accumulated in the company.
  • The "promotion activity" for the Japanese media itself is a "task" which anyone can do, when you have enough experience, and it is different from the "Japanese media PR strategy".
  • When you are concerned with this promotion "activity" by itself too much, the Japanese media promotion of your company does not show effective power. PRest helps your company by building up the know-how about Japanese media strategy and communication, and helps your company to rebuild to become able to independently send out the promotion information.
  • By doing this, your company will become able to get rid of the unnecessary costs of advertisements and promotions which have occurred at the point of output and this makes it possible to slim these costs down. We promise to provide generous know-how which only our media PR strategy consulting company can do. We can draft the scenario until it is taken up by the Japanese media, and can help to change your company's business structure to "place the emphasis on strategy type" from "the emphasis on activity type".
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