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Perhaps you are having a problem with promotion activities, so you're visiting this site, aren't you?
Where is the weak point in the promotion activities of your company?
In this page we introduce how we work as a professional for the promotion (publicity) which utilizes the media.
At PRest we stimulate our work by centering on three following pillars while carrying out PR.
Many companies where promotion activities do not go well have a fatal defect in either of the PR strategies or promotion activities or the public information section.
Look at which part shows a weak point for your company in promotion activities.

PR strategy~PR activity~Public relations development
PR strategy
PR strategies are important at the stage of the marketing.
We create news, which can be taken up by mass media.
PR activity
We aim at generating a high effect from the reaction of the media.
We set a planning sheet to get the target media to do their action.
Public relations development
Skill up know-how in regards to the approach and media acquaintances
Do the work without prior experience, by OJT
Achievements of PRest
PRest's work
PRest's Worksno
PR strategy
PR activity
Public relations development
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