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Media promotion activity

PR activity@We aim at generating a high effect from the reaction of the media. We set a planning sheet to get the target media to do their action.

We approach the Japanese mass communication with a base of PR strategies that we set in the marketing phases. We make a planning sheet which is narrowed down to "a corner frame and plan intention" of the Japanese media and direct ideal exposure by carefully negotiating.
Marketing and PR strategy
PR activity@Creating a project planning sheet and attracting interviews to get media exposure
Creating a project planning sheet and attracting interviews to get media exposure
Commentary media promotion activity
  • When a Japanese media PR strategic (creation, differentiation and visibility of news) phases become the core and are ready, we then move on to a practice stage. The PR' activities through the Japanese media that PRest carries out focus on the major media which can reflect a high effect after the media exposure. We are good at the Japanese TV information, news and variety show programs which people usually say the responses are the highest but it is the most difficult area in which to be exposed. However we are good at it.
  • We try to ascertain the intention for the interview from the Japanese media side by showing them the points about the information, motivator and interviewees etc, which the target media wants to get. So then we will increase the possibilities for your company to drastically improve these opportunities.
  • We increase the success rate of the Japanese media promotion activity by carefully building up strategies which focus on the Japanese media promotion and you will become able to send the information from your company to the world at the time of the media exposure in a form that is ideal.
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