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Can your company connect WEB and PR well? The guidepost that travelers follow to get your company. It is the WEB strategy.

Strategic WEB@PR@Advertisement on The Internet SEO Turning prospective customers into fans
Ideal relations of WEB and the PR
PR of the explosive power and WEB of the continuation power
  • PR has "explosive power" to attract a lot of attention at a stretch. However, because of the difficulty level which is high, it tends to continue only for a while and finish. It is a bad point of media PR.
  • On the contrary, the homepage that you can permanently establish on the WEB can provide information anytime as long as you have the internet environment. "The continuation power" is the biggest point for this"At first getting interest by media PR and making it settled by WEB". It may be said that it is an ideal pair in many of the media.
WEB as the terminus
We make the prospective customers who get interested in the PR to be actual customers by the homepage
  • As such the conducting wires that those prospective customers gather in the company web site, there are two routes we can think of. It is search engine and a net advertisement. If it is displayed at a high rank in the search engine's results of Yahoo and Google, or exposures increase by your company's ad being displayed in the site which has many visitors, and the possibility of reaching to the prospective customers seems to become high.
  • The general users tend to visit the internet site in search of detailed information, and after they get information at first in the mass media. Therefore, as for a homepage being displayed up in high ranking in the search engine's results, which are searched by keywords related to you company's products and services, it may be said that it is an extremely advantageous situation that a lot of prospective customers who get interested from PR can be easily upgraded to being actual customers.
What is the strategic WEB?
The homepage that was designed to lead visitors smoothly to the part which they want
  • Of course the information that they want to know must be there, however as if we go a step further, to have the design that leads the visitors to "the goal" into consideration is the homepage building with the idea of the PR.
  • There is much room to improve usability such as position and the form of the buttons and the catch copy that make people want to keep going on reading.
    In addition, the effect will be reduced to half even if you focus on PR but if the homepage only displays a simple product's catalogue. You should understand the expectation of the visitors and consider functions to satisfy this. Such as,
    To make your site only for the registered members, and deliver member's limited information continuously
    To have the weekly privileged information, and promote to the visitors to come back again.
    To place SNS function for core users to exchange information.
Case study@Aren't there such troubles or demands in your company?
Web case study 1
There is only little response even if you carry out the advertisement and the PR
Frequency level
Web case study 2
There are only few inquiries after exhibiting for an exhibition
Frequency level
Web case study 3
Cost-effectiveness of the ad in the specialized information magazine which you are advertising is bad
Frequency level
Rate plan

We make PR work more effectively by linking WEB to other media. We create WEB strategy and also build and manage web sites.
From 300.000yen per month (contract term 3 months)
We propose a plan according to the monthly fee and contract term.
Services in detail
Besides the search engine measure, we suggest the made-to-order WEB strategy to reach to the clients and consumers, such as the building of your product's site, setting up the member's login on your site and delivery of SNS and email news etc

Web Strategy
Web Strategysno
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