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Custom-made PR, which changes depending on your customer's expected solutions and your company's publicity systems.

Second opinion,Spot OK,Simple consulting

We will give advice about your company's concern about PR strategy and PR activities. You will be able to use the advice for PR activities which have been in progress at present or just starting.
Consulting by interview
20,000yen (starting from 2 hours)
※We aren't doing sales activities
Service in detailed
Is your company's information which you want to send possible to be sent with media PR?
Why isn't your media PR activity going well?
Our staffs who are familiar with mass communication will sincerely give advice about the objective judgment of the probability of success for media PR.

Media PR strategy plan,PR strategy,Publicity development,Media coverage,Spot OK

We will become an exclusive and brainy part of your company, and arrange many kinds of information. We will help to build up a strategy to get media exposure. Why don't you talk to us at the stage where a project is starting up?
From 400,000 yen per month
The fees which are displayed here are the average based on each client.Rate plan1
Service in detailed
Meeting which is held once to four times per month
Providing the media PR know-how and giving advice
We draw a media plan (strategy / tactics) to get media exposure on the project on which your company is making a start.

TV PR activity substitution plan,Fee on success type,TV exposure,Spot OK,Fee on success,Media coverage

This is a plan in which we become your company's agent and do the business activities for TV shows for children for the purpose of having interviews about your company's project.
As it is a one-shot project, you can make use of it in the case that you already have a product.
Contract on spot: 200,000yen + fee on success/ TV show
※Each term is 3 months for a contractRate plan2
Service in detailed
Promotion activities for TV
Extracting TV shows which are targeted
As we have a consultation with your company, we acquire PR on TV shows within your company's budget. Information, news and tabloid TV shows on each broadcasting company and channel are targeted.

*)In the case that we judge the ratio of media exposure is extremely low according to the result of the consulting which is based on the second opinion, we may refuse the contract.

*)We provide another plan which is called a cross-media plan and includes newspaper and magazine. Please feel free to ask us.

Total PR support plan,PR strategy,Newspaper and magazine,TV,Public relations development,Media coverage

This is a plan in which we totally support you on media PR planning, implementation of a strategy and how to respond to the requests etc, as we go deeply into your company as a member of your company. It is possible to outsource in all of the communication sections.
Rate plan3From 900,000yen per month
Service in detailed
Implementation of cross-media PR activity
PRest will serve as being your company's publicity section.
We will do the total PR activity for your company during the introduction period of PR.
As we implement a practical media PR, we will move the working area from the part where your company's PR system has been built up, and we lastly aim to build up the PR system which sends out information in your company.

Web Strategy,Spot OK,Web consulting,Web building

This is a Web strategy plan to bring the synergy effect of the media PR up. By implementing the Web marketing plan which is adjusted to the timing of the media PR exposure, we pull the end users to your company.
Depending on an issue
※We will give you some advice according to the situation on PR.Click here to see the details
Service in detailed
Web examination
SEO and building site for a campaign etc.
The Web strategy targets new end users who have been attracted instantly by media and roused their needs. We will develop a 'track' to visit your company or purchase products onto the Web.

Risk Management,Risk consultant,Team forming,Emergency response

We assume the risks which could happen in your business and decide about how to deal with this in advance. By preventing the risks, it becomes possible to improve your company to be stable company.
Depending on the item
※We will give you some advice according to the situation on PR. Click here to see the details
Service in detailed
Assuming and sorting risks
Analyzing and introducing the system for risk prevention
Analyzing and introducing the system for risk prevention.We will play a role similar to a vaccine to protect your company's life.

Service and Price
Second opinion
Media PR strategy
TV PR activity substitution
Total PR support plan
Web Strategy
Risk Management
Rate plan
Rate plan1
Rate plan2
Rate plan3
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