Question@A TV show had decided to introduce a product of 'Company P' on it's show. Describe the measures which they should take to improve their sales.

media PR ~Web Strategy
Answer@ Preventing missing new and potential customers by making use of the Web strategy.
'Company P' in the past
Goal{media PR Raising needs
Does your company allow the competitors to take those potential customers who have become attracted to the needs provided for by your company or can you hold them?
iGoal~media PR j~Web StrategyBringing the potential customers who are attracted to the needs into your company
The Internet is one of the essential tools for companies to manage their activities as we live in the 21 century. Because it is different to the situation that we had in the past and the end users now can stay at home and search for information which they are looking for, 'searching on the web' now has a high priority in the process of purchasing or getting a contract. It is not only for improving convenience. Behind this, the companies are forced to compete on the Web.
What will happen if your company carries out the media PR but loses the competition on the web?
The audience and readers who have information about the 'product' which they saw in the media will start searching about it on the Web. Even if the product that they saw in the media was your company's product, but they can't find it on the Web, those end users will end up buying something similar from another company.
Supporting till the last moment to improve your sales by not missing the customer's needs which your company gains throughout the media PR. This is one of the PRest's jobs as well.