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What is your company aiming at?

Three phases which PRest think in the PR

Phase 1. What is your company aiming at?
Ideas and carrying out in according to your aim. Information which your company delivers will be created from here. oqGoal
Within the information which your company wants to send out, on which points do you focus the most at present?
All of the media strategy which we, PRest, draw for your company starts from here.
We will work together to find your corporate story which we draw upon to increase all of your company's approaches into the society from various angles.
First of all, please talk to us about your aim.
Phase 2. Have you done differentiation and the creating of NEWS?
The most important steps to bring your aim into shape arec
  • Event
  • Exhibition
  • Product exhibition
  • Campaign
  • Development of systems inside your company
  • CSR activities
  • Risk Management
  • Media strategy,The measurements and policies which are based on the media strategy with great thought.
Various measurements to achieve your aim
Are you satisfied with its implementation?
About 90% of those companies finish their communication activities at this stage.
However PRest creates another 'gimmick' to bring you to the next step, which is phase 3 (= media strategy). By making use of the media and sending out your company's concreted approach to the society, the effectiveness of phase 3 will rapidly increase.
Phase 3. Does your company retain the media exposure on each type of media enough?
Acquiring the media exposure and trying to make it appeal to as many as 100 to 10,000,000 people.
Does your company's press release attract media coverage?
We can certainly say that if phase 2 isn't ready, your company won't get the 'highly effective' publicity which your company wants.
We change the media PR activity from just focusing on the amount of media exposures regardless of the popularity, to the PR activity which acquires high quality effectiveness and creates effective responses.
We will change the information into media and show you the capability of planning and approach which makes the media come to you.
TV,Newspaper,Magazine WEB
In addition, by strategically connecting to WEB as a second media, it will be possible to prevent missing the opportunity to get new or expected customers and bring them up to regular customers or fans.
We work on the services which fit in each phase above. Fee
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