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Risk Management

A virus which leads you to

Are you aware that the chances of various risks are increasing, and that companies have to face this, in proportion to the companies' growth?

Manufacturer's responsibilityAShareholder's suitAEmployee's suitAHarassment inside a companyAPersonal information leakAAll complaints
How do you detect a potential risk early?
The [precautionary measures] for which you prevent potential troubles or reduce them.
  • How you detect the potential risks early, is an important element in risk management. However, we suppose that there are many cases that you don't actually notice a risk, or even if you notice it, you neglect to work on it while it is small. So then you are upset after it becomes bigger. The company which begins to start working on this for the first time after they getting into trouble is not rare.
  • There are only these two kinds from the point of view of risk management in the company. The two cases are where the company that prepares to investigate a risk beforehand by a scenario when a trouble occurs, or doesn't do so.
How do you get the risk management regime ready?
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  • It is a problem that the company which is going to begin risk management faces first. We suppose that to control a risk which is hiding behind in the background of the company activity is originally a management problem, and it is thought that board members in the management should take the responsibility.
  • However, it is unrealistic to demand the management members to grasp precisely what kind of things are performed in the daily on-site business.
  • In addition, because there is rare case in which there are staff specialized in risk management, to leave all the things to the spot side is extremely irresponsible. Therefore, most companies will have to organize this from the beginning in the condition which they donft have the regime. This is very inefficient, and it is in danger of repeating trial and error more than required.
  • Therefore, the support of the expert in risk management becomes necessary. We can expect from the expert of risk management "how to investigate problems in a short term and how to reduce loss of the opportunity".
What are the steps to manage the risk
The procedure and the actual achievement for the risk management
  • It starts with finding out the present conditions of the company by hearing from the manager and people who are related, as well as office paperwork.
    After doing so, you will investigate risks and show the risks which you evaluated and think about proposed measures. Particularly in regard to critical risks, you will examine realistic measures with the manager and devise the plan that is necessary for them.
    In addition, you will promptly and accurately find out the risks in the management by participating in business meetings if necessary.
  • There can be some cases where you organize a team separately for carrying out the measures with a risk consultant or an expert who is specialized in it, if necessary, depending on a plan.
  • You will be able to receive support from any of the following phases and it is possible to flexibly put the menus together, depending on demands, too.
each phase
Case Study Aren't there such troubles or demands in your company?
Case Study1
In proportion to the expansion of the yearly turnover, various problems
Frequency level
Case Study2
You tried to train an employee who was causing problems, but it doesn't go well.
Frequency level
Case Study3
Although you acquired a P mark and the certification of ISMS, you cannot manage it well
Frequency level
Case Study4
You installed a core computer system but, you are worried whether you can put it into practical use or not
Frequency level
Rate plan

We will show you how to extract underlying risks, precaution and countermeasure.
This is a plan to support and decrease incidences of trouble and increase the resistance power when a trouble occurs.
From 400.000 yen per month (contract term: from 6 months)
We propose a plan according to the monthly fee and contract term.
Service in detailed
We collect the subjective information such as troubles and problems that the organization has by listening to the people who are related, and at the same time trying to figure out the general present condition by collecting objective information of from various office documents. We investigate any risk and show you the risk evaluation and the concrete measures and we will organize a plan which is necessary for this (formulating the budget, organizing formation)

Risk Management
Risk Managementsno
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