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The meaning of press release

Basic of the PR. It sounds easy but very in-depth. The secrets of press release.
The meaning of press releaseH
a delivery method
A seed of the press release

The meaning of press releaseH

  • In some cases it is called news release or release in short. However It usually means "the document for public administration or a company or a group to announce to the mass communication". In other words, it is a method for a company to take the first contact in the media and it is a role of the press release.
  • Here, it is a question for you. What do you think will happen if you deliver the press release?
    In fact, unfortunately you wouldn't have enquiry for the interviews at all. It seems there are many companies which deliver the press release recently. They may think that if they just keep delivering the press release, they will be picked up by the various media. However, we must tell you that this is wrong knowledge. Because about 99% of the delivered press release would go straight into a trash box without being recognized by them. It is remarkable in the case of the TV program in particular. When we ask a question to directors for TV programs, "Have you ever decided an article to report from press release?" The answers are "There is never so far"
  • To deliver the press release without knowledge and a strategy somehow, it is like an act such as to think about use of 300,000,000 yen although you only purchased a public lottery. To create attractive NEWS of your company is a matter which you should give a priority the most before thinking about the catchy copy or the way of writing for the press release. We must tell you that the mass communication is not easy to deal with, such as they aren't going to come for an interview because they aren't tricked by the skill of writing sentences in the press release.

a delivery method

  • Because you can find out how to write press releases if you search on the Web and there it would be explained precisely, we don't mention it on this page. We assume that when you start working on the press release you will firstly be having concerns about a concrete method of delivery. So we will tell you about what kind of media and how you want them to see it. A lot of professional companies which are engaged in cheap press release delivery on Web sites are conducting much business recently, however we cannot recommend this for beginners. Even if you send your press release to 1000 media or 2000 media, if "the action of your company is not attractive for the media" it is a wasted effort no matter how much you do it. If you send press release from now on, the most effective method is to send it to a newspaper, a magazine or the TV media which you can usually see.
  • The reasons for this are
    @Because of the understanding of the contents of the media
    ABecause the information that you supply and the media which introduces the contents are close to the work of your company
    BBecause the media that you supply is popular with people who have ideas which are similar to you.
  • The most important thing in delivering press releases is to consider the contents of the media which you send out, so as to have the contents which match the media, and know whether the information attracts the interest of readers and the audiences. In other words, it is not possible to deliver press releases to the media which you are not familiar with. At the very last, you only have to send a press release about your company's information to the media which are most likely to pick it up.

A seed of the press release

  • For the people who say "Anyway, I want to deliver a press release!" we will supply the basic information and deliver the press release at a reference level. Apart from whether it can get media exposure or not, you must have the knowledge to make a press release while considering of the situation of your company.
    • Developing new products and new services, and finding out the timing for sales
    • Product improvement, revision of services, changing prices and fees
    • Joining a new business
    • A business tie-up
    • Holding events and exhibitions
    • Introduction of a new system
    • Starting up regional activities and social action programs
    • Supporting cultural activities
    • Human relations about a company president and directors
    • Reshuffle
    • Report of the things such as settlement of accounts and stockholders
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