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What is PR?

uWhat is PR?First of all, what is PR? How is it different from advertisementH Everything starts from here.v
What is the meaning of PRH
The difference between ad and PR
Traps of PRI

What is the meaning of PRH

  • When we translate the original meaning, it is the improvement of the relationship with the society.
    It means the activities for the purpose of a company or a group and a government to try to let people understand their opinions, thoughts, situations and viewpoints and spread this information. It changes the social opinions and actions by communicating with the society and building a relationship of mutual trust.
  • The objects are the general public, consumers, employees and people who are related, distributors, suppliers, stockholder etc. It extends to every stakeholder which is related.
  • What is the most effective way to "work on the society (stakeholder)"? The PR which PRest is concerned with is "to utilize mass communication". PRest's strategy is "how we can accomplish it".

The difference between ad and PR

  • Nowadays people who are working in companies try to use various marketing techniques to plan the expansion of their achievements. The PR of the media has the highest effectiveness (publicity) for such areas as "sales promotion" and "the response"
  • Because it is different to the other ways of advertising, and mass communication reports on your company's approach in the viewpoint of the third party, it can have strong influences over the audience and readers.
  • Furthermore, you can appeal to tens of millions of people and promote the information about your company, if you can get media exposure on TV shows. This is a number which you can't achieve even if many salesmen in your company try for many years
  • When Masanori Kanda who is a famous marketing professional started his company, he was in trouble at the time. So when he came to have no company money left without sales rising and started to think that he had to go back to be an employee, a special article about him was published in a weekly magazine called 'Diamond' on 12 pages and so he had many phone calls for orders afterward. It is a famous story that he had mentioned in his literary work." The PR through the media has an effect to produce the opportunities of explosive growth of the company in this way.

A pit of the PR

Advertisements which you pay for the time vs PR which attracts interviews by using your knowledge/
As a method to have exposure in the media, there is one called "the advertisement", but there are big difference between PR and the advertisement. On the contrary, the advertisement is a method which costs you money because you have to "buy" space or time from the mass communication companies. PR must get the mass communications attention and to make them come for the interview and this will subjectivity be on the mass communication side. In other words, as long as you pay for the advertisement, it is possible to get the media exposure "by all means", however PR have no guarantee of media exposure unless the media judge it to be something "interesting".
In the case where a company tries to do media PR, they mostly carry this out by either of two cases, which are "to do it with the own company staff", "to make an agent contract with a PR company" and "to use a company which putts out the press releases". However, the media side may not take up the information about your company as we mentioned it before. To get the media exposure itself does not cost, but the running cost surely occurs at a point in time to carry out the publishing relations activities.
herefore you need to consider the above-mentioned points, and it is necessary to choose the best method or the PR company for your success.
What is PR?
What is PR? TOP
What is PR?
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