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How to choose a PR company

There are various PR companies. Let's choose a PR company by considering its purpose and a use.
Kinds of PR companies
How to use a PR company
How to choose a PR company
The indication of how to choose

Kinds of PR companies

  • It is said that there are around 300 PR companies in Japan and they have their own characteristics. For example, there is a PR company which has a strong effect in the beauty industry, IT and fashion.
  • In addition, there are some PR companies which have specialized in magazines, newspapers and television, their characteristics are various. You must choose
    1.whether you ask for them to be the brainy part to achieve a PR purpose
    2. how large your PR' scale is
    3.whether you ask for only PR activities.
  • *** The Figure 1 shows the kinds of the PR companies which are roughly classified by their characteristics. In reference to HP of PR companies. Please look for the most suitable PR company for your company.
  • In the case that you want promotion in the media PR

How to use a PR company

  • What does a PR Company do? Judging from an original PR meaning, they plan for their client company to communicate with the society (stake holder) as efficiently as they can. If their client wants to improve the reputation of the company in the local area, then they draft a policy for this and carry it out. If there is it for the purpose of product recognition and sales promotion, they need to draft out a strategy or the tactics and enforce it to be successful.
  • In other words, their work is to achieve the purpose that your company has as an external partner by use of their abundant knowledge and experience. Therefore what they do is originally more like "consulting".
  • However, many companies usually ask a PR company to do the "PR activities" with PR purpose in the media. It's popular to let an expert do the work which even anyone can do. If your company makes a contract with a PR company, you must have a relationship with them, so that you can draw out the abundant knowledge from them.
  • * What to do to get media exposure?
    * What to do to improve the company culture?
    * What to do to attract the investor's attention?
  • We may say that the most effective PR company for your company, is one which can find a concrete and executable strategy for the questions as above,
  • Tasks which send information to media

How to choose a PR company

  • The selection of a PR company depends on the present conditions and the purpose of your company.
  • 1. "In the case that the media certainly rushes to come for an interview if you announce the information of your company!"
    We recommend making a contract with a general PR company which has many agents. Because they do the traffic control of the mass communication and the correspondences for the inquiries, they reduce the burden on your company.
  • 2."In the case that the PR strategy of your own company is superior, but there is not a talented person who can approach the media"
    We recommend making a contract with a PR representation company, general PR Company or a press release distributor.
    But your company may not build the know-how to approach the media.
  • 3."In the case that you want to positively develop PR activities"
    We recommend finding a PR company which focuses on working on the upbringing of your company's public information in their service.
  • 4. "In the case that your company tried various PR companies, but in particular, the media PR was difficult." We guess that what was missing in your company was a radical PR strategy. Please ask our company PRest by all means.

The indication of how to choose

  • Here we are going to tell you "tips to choose a capable PR company, which anyone can understand!" The method is very simple. Please look at the web sites of PR companies. It is a capable PR company which can most briefly and concretely explain it for you and make it easy to understand. PR is the kind of work where we "explain things to other people". If they cannot concretely explain characteristics and strength of their PR activities of the own company, they will surely not be able to explain about your company.
  • In addition, as for the media PR, editorial right and right of choice, this depended on the media side. An exposure can never be succeeding by using a connection or human network. If there is an account executive (salesman) from a company, who comes to you and says "we will certainly lead you to have media exposure", you'd better to be careful. It is a catchphrase that they want to make "a contract for the PR activity".
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