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MediaAdvantages and disadvantages of media PR

Big possibility which PR has and the problems that you should know about
Three advantages of PR
Three disadvantages of the PR

Three advantages of PR

  • The first advantage of media PR is the appealing power to a large number of people. If it is a newspaper or a magazine, about millions of readers will see the information of your company and understand it.
    In addition, if it is a TV program, 1,000,000 and 10,000,000 audiences will see the information which introduces your company on TV. Because it is different from the other ways of advertising, readers and audiences will be interested in the information which is introduced in the media.
  • The second advantage of media PR is a great appealing power and responses. For example, please remember your everyday life. Which one of the following will make you feel like eating "?
  • 1. To see a commercial for noodles on TV
    2. A reporter was eating noodles and saying it was delicious as part of an information program on TV.
  • The information, which the highly public mass communication picks up from a lot of information, becomes at a premium for the readers and audiences at that point. Therefore it is the greatest characteristic of media PR to bring an effect which creates needs by shaking up the targeted consumers' minds, who receive the information.
  • The third advantage of the media PR is inexpensiveness of the cost.
    For example, if it is an appearance on a TV commercial, the amount of money which is needed is from tens of millions to more than a hundred million. However it is possible to have it for free of charge if you do it in particular. Running cost to carry out the PR activity always occurs, but you can control "the expense" overwhelmingly if you compare it to the other ways of advertising.

Three disadvantages of the PR

  • When your company introduces the media PR, it seems that people focus on advantages of the media PR too much and disturb their gambling spirit in many opportunities. However, you must understand the disadvantages properly as well.
  • At first, the media PR "is very difficult". If you continue sending press releases, there is a possibility they will be picked up by a newspaper or a magazine. But we can say that in the case of TV PR which can get high responses, you must have a minute strategy ready. Otherwise the opportunity to be picked up does not come. This is because TV is a special media that handles "videos".
  • A strategy supported by the professional knowledge of the media will be needed if you want to get into the media where you can get high responses to your promotions.
  • Secondly, it is hard to "predict about the responses". Let's say that a product of your company was picked up by a TV program. Telephone calls for inquiries go up explosively and orders would be rushing and your company may fall into lack of stock. However, the responses of the media PR last around 3 days to 1 week at most. So then a business plan will be necessary that utilizes the media exposure well without getting influenced by the needs which temporally went up.
  • Also, it is "the increase of the risk".
    It draws the end users who have bad quality and you haven't had before into your company as your company is introduced in the media. Therefore the claims that your company never had before might take place or it often happens that the problem of the product is picked up on. The media PR may end up with a result that gives the opposite effect, unless the management which involves the assessment of risks is done.
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