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privacy policy

1.Inappropriate collection, usage, providing and deposition of personal information

  • We clarify the collection purpose for the information subject and collect it after having had an agreement from the visitor. The personal information that we collect shall be limited to the usage range and handled adequately.
  • There may be some cases where we provide the personal information that we collect to a third party. In these cases we clarify the collection purpose within the range that matches a fair purpose and handle it adequately after having had an agreement from a visitor.
  • For the purposes of making the task go smoothly, there may be some cases where we give (deposit) the personal information which we collect to a third party. In this case, we choose a person who carries the standard of having adequate personal information protection and handle it adequately by following the protection standard in the contracts etc.

2.We prevent the personal information from spout, destruction, manipulation, leaking and unauthorized access.

  • We manage the personal information of the visitors strictly and carry out precautions for various dangers such as manipulation, leaking and unauthorized access etc. We formulate a concrete rule about handling appropriate privacy policy and establish a person in charge.

3.Observance of the laws, ordinances and other regulations about the personal information

  • We, our officers, employees, any person of collaboration, observe laws and guidelines about a privacy policy which is inside and outside of Japan.

4.There exists a personal information protection indicator and continuous improvement of rules inside the company

  • We continue to improve the privacy policy and company's regulations to effectively carry out the personal information protection which society requests.

5.About the information which we ask for from the visitors who are visiting this home page

  • This homepage is administered for the purpose of offering information about PRest Inc. When you visit this homepage, there are some parts in which we ask for personal information (inquiries etc). The information shall mainly be the personal information, such as a name, e-mail address, a phone number and the address, which is necessary when we provide information to the visitors.
  • In addition, there may be some cases where we ask you other questions which aren't the ones above, however as for this, visitors themselves can select with the exception of minimum required items and provide it when they want. We also never change the information that we receive without your agreement. Please understand beforehand that the information that we receive may be passed over to the third party with a minimum range (for example, in the case of telling your name and address to the delivery company of which we ask service etc.).
  • In addition, when there is a request for the disclosure of the personal information from the informant by oneself, we shall disclose it as a response to the request. We try to protect the personal information of the visitors on this web site by taking necessary measures within a rational range.

6.Guarantee and responsibility limitation

  • The use of this homepage shall be performed with the responsibility of the visitor. We don't take any responsibility at all for any damage that occurs by the use of various information which was acquired from this home page or the other websites where the links are set on this homepage.

7.Governing law

  • This homepage is under the management of PRest Inc. has. This site can be accessed from any country in the world, which may have the different laws. However both the people who access to this site and us shall agree to what is restricted in regard to the use of this site under the law of Japan and the regulations of Tokyo Metropolis without being concerned with the difference of the law principle.
  • In addition, we don't place any description and indication about whether the contents of this site are appropriate or not in the environment where it is accessed by visitors to this site. The access to this site shall depend on free will of the accessing people, and they are responsible for the use of this site.

8.Disclaimers about the links

  • About the links to this website
    The links to our website (Our website is a site with the domain of www.e-prest.com) are basically free. However we do not take responsibility at all for the sites linked to and contents for the sites.


  • We don't take responsibility for any trouble, loss or damage which is caused by the information or use of this web site. In addition, we may change the information that we place on the web site, or suspend or cancel the administration of this website without notice. Please understand about this matter beforehand.
  • This website may possibly experience temporary suspension or cancelation of service caused by Internet troubles which are caused by server maintenance, electric facilities checkups, and virus damage. However we don't take responsibility for any damage which is caused by these interruptions of the administration of this website for whatever reasons are.
privacy policy
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