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Dear First time users

Please take a look at our procedure

Contact us
Feel free to contact us with any questions that you have. We will have a solution for you.
Preliminary discussion
We will send a person in charge to have a meeting with you. We would like to hear your requests in detail.
Our staffs with expert knowledge will present a proposal. It will not only be logical but will be also realistic. We will put together a specialized team if necessary.
After you accept our proposal, we will put together a project together. This is when the consulting fee applies after you sign the contract.
PR Consulting
Below are steps for personal consulting
Face-to-face meeting
The members of the consulting team will meet together to confirm the goal and to further improve the project.
We will collect and research all the data needed with your help.
We will interview people in cases needed(employees working at the job site)
Target selection
Based on our researches and analyzing the data, we will determine the target and determine the media approach.
Periodic meetings
We will be holding meetings periodically to update on the progress.
PR Strategic planning
We will determine which media to be exposed.
Progress report
We will be having a progress report to check if you have any problems.
Writing a formal proposal
We will create a proposal for each media.
Promotion activities
We will be sending out the proposals to each media outlet.
We will decide the press conference date and will give "the best exposure" to media.
We will collect all the publicity in file for you.
Final Report
We will give a final report after all the consulting is done.
Dear First time users
Dear First time users sno
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