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What's the best media outlet for the publicity in Japan?
It depends on the target in Japan but usually, television gets the most feedback.
However, we need to pick which shows we commercialize on by determining the target.
How many people watch the publicity on TV in Japan?
Generally, in Kanto area 1% viewer rate is 400 thousand people. If its nationally televised, 1% viewer rate is about a million viewers. However, the "viewer rating" is not usually accurate. It is true that you will get thousands and millions of exposure on television in Japan.
If you are publicized in Japanese media, will the sales go up?
It is not a definite promise. However, our company can make the product appeal to people to the fullest. We have not yet had a case that the feedback was zero from our previous works.
What's the difference between a PR company and an advertisement agency?
dvertisement agency buys the media slots and time. PR agency's goal is to have getting the product on that media slots.
How do I pick the right PR company for me?
First, you need to determine WHAT you are expecting from a PR company. Do you want "media exposure", "media approach" or "strengthen the PR department"? By determining what you want, it will be easier for you to pick the right PR company.
Do I need have a strong network with people in media industry to publicize in Japan?
No, networking is not needed for publicizing.
What do PR companies do for media exposures in Japan?
It really depends on the PR company but generally in Japan, they create press release and contact different media outlets. You can think of it as "Sales people" for media. Success is measured by how much media exposure they gain.
I asked another PR company to promote our product in Japan but I haven't got any media exposure.
It may be because your product may not be right for the media. It is necessary to create information that will interest the Japanese media.
We get publicized in articles 2`3 times a month in Japan but we haven't got any feedbacks.
What kind of magazine is your article published in? It is necessary to get published in magazines which have influence on buyers.
We are trying to approach Japanese television but we haven't got any interviews.
Approach to Japanese television is completely different from magazines or newspapers. Please contact a PR company with experience in Japanese television media.
So do I ALWAYS get some Japanese media exposure if I hire a PR company?
Not necessary. Your chances get greater but it really depends on the Japanese media if they want to give you the exposure. For example,@if your product is not appealing to people in Japanese media, they will not give you any publicity.
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We want to get television promotion in Japan but how long will it take?
It takes about three months. However, it may differ depending on the cases.
What is PRest's strongest media outlet?
We do not have any strengths or weaknesses. We are familiar with different media outlets.
What is PRest's forte media outlet?
Japanese television shows. It is said Japanese television publicity is the most difficult to get in marketing publicity. That means if you can get television exposure, it will likely to get magazine/newspaper exposures.
Does PRest carry strong network with media personnel in Japan?
Caution: Network is not the key to getting publicized.
We do keep contact daily with directors and reporters.
What makes PRest different from other companies?
The difference is other company will sell your product to Japanese media while we create our proposal so it will be attractive to Japanese media.
What is PRest's strength?
We will "create" and "change" your product so it will get a lot of attention from Japanese media.
What is the difference between even production and PRest's event planning?
Other even production companies will plan an event according to your wish. We plan based on or publicity plan to effectively promote your product.
We do not have a PR division in our company. Will that be a problem?
No, we just need one person who can be a contact with our company and your company. We can also train your employee to serve as a PR.
Our company is highly specialized. Will you be able to promote our products in Japan?
Yes, we many not acquire specialized knowledge but we are expert on "how to tell people about a product". We will be able to appeal your product to buyers.
What is unique about PRest consulting?
We have highly specialized people working for us. Our staff has previous experience in Japanese media and hold Japanese certificate for senior consulting. We feel that an obvious result is the key to success.
What are kinds of contracts?
Retainer contract and Project contracts.
Retainer contract
These are for companies who would like to strengthen the Japanese PR division in your company.
Project contract
Event, Press conference, campaign in Japan - this contract is used for each project.
What are the costs?
We charge by hour. Retainer contract is based on content and will determine a monthly fee. Project contract is based on each project.
Why is retainer contract better?
It is necessary to build up your exposure to Japanese media. You can't stop after one project. To maximize your result, it is necessary to have a retainer contract.
What are examples of your client?
Most of our clients are companies which could not get a satisfying result from other PR company. We have many long-term clients.
What is your company's performance?
Because of the confidentiality issues, we cannot release any information about that.
How is PR done at your company?
We will designate one person as your partner. To avoid all the miscommunication all the meetings is done directly by the partner. The partner will give reports once a week during our company meeting to give updates to other colleagues. We will then create a specialty team if necessary to work on your product.
How many meetings are held?
Generally once a month but we will be flexible about it. Most of the concerns and questions are dealt by phone or e-mails.
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