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About copyrights

  • The contents (sentences, images, photographs, illustrations, pictures, sounds, programs) which are offered in this site are protected by copyright, and a patent right and the trademark rights and others which we or the third party owns.
  • Except in the case of being used by an individual of nonprofit purposes, anyone can't do a reproduction and adaptation in other Web sites, printed media, and other recording media without our permission by the prior document. In addition, in those cases, no one is allowed to make any change to the content either.

About the links

  • We have the links in this site and they are planed to provide information smoothly for this site's visitors.
  • However, the linked web sites are not under our control. Therefore we don't take any responsibility for any problems which occur for the visitors on those web sites.
  • When using this site, please use it at your own risk.

Non-guaranteed of contents

  • We carefully place the contents on this site, however there are possibly mistakes which are caused by malfunctions such as hardware, software and other circumstances, so please be aware of the correctness of the content.
  • In addition, information placed on the Web site is the information which is announced on the day. Therefore, please be aware that it is possibly different from the information of the day you look at it.

Usage Problems

  • We don't take responsibility at all in the case that there is an error in the contents on this site or for any trouble which happens between the user and the third party because of the use of this site.

Limit of the responsibility

  • Even if we take responsibility for the damage that a user receives from the use of this site, our responsibility shall be limited to the direct and normal damage as far as there is intention or a gross error.


  • When the damage occurs by a virus which can't be prevented by using normal virus protection, the natural disaster and any reason that doesn't fall under our responsibility, we shall not take the responsibility at all.

Changes of contents

  • Please understand the information which is placed on this site may change, be corrected and deleted without notice beforehand.


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