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  • Management which relates to running a company, business development, business planning and human relations.
  • Risk management for targeting general tasks
  • IT architect such as IT strategy planning etc.
  • While I was working at Accenture,Ltd, I was in charge of a basic system restructure of a major entertainment company there.
    (Architecture planning / Infrastructure / Operational design)
  • Carried out IT consulting for a ticket sales company and securities company etc
    (Systemization planning / Assessment etc)
  • Took part in starting up a business which was pooled by a major communication company and a major advertising company and showed the best performance by building up a stable system while I was working as a responsible person in system planning and development.
  • Implemented a project planning of pushing type media for cell phones and created a requested specification.
    (Business development / Systemization planning)
  • Total marketing strategy and project planning which included creating a strategy for a corporate brand and shop brand for a major second hand book FC
    (Marketing consulting)
  • Worked as a head of customized development department in a mobile SI company, and engaged in organization management and total risk management (Mainly focusing on sales, judicial affair, resource and business)
    (Department manager / PMO / Budget management / Risk management)
  • Implemented a strategy and project planning for a movie community site, which made use of the posted contents of their users and the original contents for a foreign capital affiliate media company
  • Engaged in sales strategy planning and development as well as localize and customize, when Saas vendor association came into Japan
Examples of the items
  • Ministry of economy, trade and industry / PMO in their Information Grand Voyage project (June, 2007 - February, 2009)
  • An SI company / Implementation of risk management support for their human resources (April, 2008 - May, 2008)
  • An information web site for recruitment of new graduates / Project risk management (June, 2008 - September, 2008)
  • An agricultural corporation / Business strategy and business planning support (June, 2008 - August, 2008)
  • A Ministry / Demonstration experiment project promotion and management in a risk research project (January, 2009)
I do the activities to the project to succeed from the client's point of view, while keeping in my mind, that I am good at IT, architect (project management/ PMO) and risk management.
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Hitoshi TanakaiRisk Managementj
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