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NI know everything about the mechanism of newspaper and magazine and make use of it to approach and get media exposure.
I provide PR know-how and create a public relations section in your company.
Jun Takano@Area of specialtyNewspaper and magazine@In charge ofublicity development and PR substitution
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  • Newspaper and magazine strategy planning
  • Public relations development, human relations, sales increasing etcc
  • Tailor maid consulting
  • I worked at RECRUIT Co.,Ltd for 12 years and had more than 500 consultations about advertising and public relations strategies.
  • Also, I worked for a major vocational school and managed advertising and public relations strategy for collecting more than 500 people per month for 3 years.
  • I had planned the public relations strategy for more than 50 items at a PR company for 3 years.
Examples of the items

A household appliance company (listed in the first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange market),A real estate information company,A nursing service company,A retirement home management company,A WEB creation company,A rental server company,An IR information company,An outsourcing service company,An electronics company,A child care support company,A research company,An enrichment lessons organizer

I experienced the front line of sales, ads, marketing and PR so far. I know that there are many cases where both of the customers and the PR companies aim to be placed in the media by delivering the release which is called PR. However the original goal is supposed to increase the sales, isn't it? To do so, a strategy which is combined with not only the PR, but also sales, ads and marketing is necessary. I will certainly tell my customers the strategy which is based on my experiences in practice.
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Jun Takano(newspaper and magazine)
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