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  • TV PR strategy consulting
  • While I was a student, I worked as an AD on a future program at an affiliated network station of Nippon Television.
  • In 1999: Transferred to a section of a TV program which was called uZoom in !! Asa!v at Nippon Television Network Corporation
  • In 2002: Made a contract as a director for uZoom in !! Asa!v and reformed the program to uZoom in !!SUPERv
  • Major sections in charge of
  • Live relay broadcasting / Social information / NEWS / Special issue / Entertainment etc
  • Achievements on TV program production
  • Nippon Television
    uZoom in !!Asa!vuZoom in !!SUPERv uSuper SpecialvuZoom in !!SaturdayvuSpecial Programv
  • Fuji Television
    uSpecial Programv ETV TOKYOuShibu ST S.B.S.TvuSpecial Programv
  • TBS
    uSpecial Programvand others
  • In 2006: Entered a PR substitution company
  • In 2007: Established PRest Inc
Examples of the items
  • An amusement park / Media PR strategy and implementation
  • A foreign capital affiliate shoes manufacturer / Planning TV PR strategy for their new product
  • A medical goods manufacturer / TV publicity for their existence product
  • A major company in the information and communication field / TV PR strategy and implementation of their CSR activity
  • A foreign capital affiliate IT company / TV publicity of their new service
  • A domestic major trading company / Media PR strategy consulting
  • An organization in the beauty industry / Management of their anniversary event for attracting the media
  • A manufacturer in the healthcare industry / Planning and implementation of their TV PR strategy
  • A foreign capital affiliate FC Japan corporation / Media PR strategy planning and implementation
  • A medical corporation / TV PR project planning and implementation
  • A foreign capital affiliate fashion brand / Anniversary event project planning and implementation and TV PR
  • A company in interior industry / TV publicity for exhibition at which they are the host
  • A business media company / TV PR strategy and implementation for their new product , etcc
In a front line of the media which passes the information, we produce various news which is social information, fashion trend, entertainment, and living information. As we won a lot of national Best Picture Awards, we received high evaluations for the direction method of "passing information". We have enough human networks in the media industry and have a lot of friends regardless of a broadcasting company or program. After I entered into the PR industry, I've got a reputation to set up the information with a full knowledge of social information, market trends, and planning intention on the media side.
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