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A specialist of risk management who can protect your company's life in case of a crisis.
I create a strong organization against the risks and protect your company's life.
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What was the opportunity for you to start working on a risk management?
  • When I was working as a head of the system and planning section in a venture company in marketing, the information leaking problems were increasing and it started to become everyone's concern.
    I think that was around year 2000 to 2001.

    In those cases, the authentication of information management systems such as P mark and ISMS etc was recognized to be needed. However, I thought that running continually was more important than getting such an authentication and it is a difficult one, and I started to do the research. This was the opportunity.

The word
  • Because of the Great Hanshin and Awaji Earthquake which occurred in January 1995, consideration of the risk management system development was started to be discussed. The application range of the concept had expanded to the risk management in general. It was issued as a guideline of the risk managements' system construction (JIS Q 2001).
  • On the other hand, as the international standard, In the ISO/TMB/WG on Risk Managements where they are put under the ISO/TMB (Technical Management Board), development of ISO 31000 (risk management standard)and ISO/IEC guidance (management term standard)73 were revised in March 2005.
  • Also, there is another one called BOM (Business continuity management) which is an applicable one, and various supports have been considered.
What kind of troubles can happen because of lack of knowledge about risk management?
  • There are many cases such as
    To deal with the risk management as a temporal concern.
    To neglect to take preventive measures when they feel safe because a problem is still small.
    Not to handle a risk with a point of view of the risk management.
  • For example, as a result of the above, when they find out about the problem, it is often too late, because they didn't take the matter seriously in regard to mass communication when the case of their scandal occurred.
    This is an obvious example.
Is there any scene in which the risk management becomes especially important in the business activities? Also in this case, how will you give them support?
  • When they try to do something unusual, risks are accompanied with this at anytime.
  • Also, because they act without concerns to effectiveness, risks could become bigger in some cases. It is important that the managers in companies have sensitivity. It doesn't always mean that they can spend much on resources.
  • We can be a supporter of those managers and help the risk management.
Please tell me about things which we can even start straight away to strengthen the risk management.
  • Not only going through with news on newspapers and TV, but also it is important to start to think about the reasons which are in the background and how you could prevent it. By being aware of the risk in usual daily work, your sense become heightened to the risks around you.
If we ask you to strengthen the risk management, the people who don't know much about it will be unsure what kind of things could be done, I think. So what kind of things could be done?
  • First of all I will ask about concerns which those managers have. So then if they have any information or document (statement of account and business plan etc) which they can show me, I will have a look at it for research. After doing so, I will find out about the risks and show the risk evaluation and proposed measures.
  • Especially if it is a critical risk, I will discuss with those managers about the proposed measures, and I will suggestions for necessary plans (budget plan and organization of the groups). Also if necessary, I will ask them to participate in management meeting. So then we will be able to find the risk which relates to the management as well. When we imply the risk measure, there may be some chances to organize another consultant who has a different expertness and another group separately.
Do you have any impressions about which you feel is a big contradiction?
  • The service which has been provided by insurance companies as risk consulting is popular now. However, the areas which the insurance can cover are limited and it will be only a part of the risk which they can assume. Therefore, there are some cases in which what they do doesn't mean total risk management.
    In the actual situation, they aren't carrying out the total risk consulting.
Is there any point of uniqueness in the industry for which you are in charge?
  • All the companies and managers should guard against risks, I suppose. However, in fact, there aren't enough consultants.
    People who work as risk consultant need various knowledge and recognition, and the answers to the problems often depend on a client and circumstances around them. Therefore, how to deal with this should be different depending on the consultant's skill, level and area of specialty.
What is the point you have to be careful of, when you talk to your clients?
  • My policy is not to rush into to get the main point too fast and try to drop all pretenses at first to make them relaxed and not to have wariness. In addition to this, I try not to forget that I am supposed to be a supporter and main focus is certainly on my client.
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