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I know everything about the mechanism of newspaper and magazine and make use of it to approach and get media exposure.
I provide PR know-how and create a public relations section in your company.
Jun Takano@Area of specialty¨Newspaper and magazine@In charge of¨ublicity development and PR substitution
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What prompted you to start working in the PR with an advertising agency?
  • Because I wanted to help the customers who had a good service or product or company's custom but didn't have enough money to spend on advertisements. There are many companies which have the reverse pattern in the world.
I suppose that there were so many PR activities that utilize newspaper and magazine had been performed, but do you sometimes feel any differences or changing, compared to before?
  • I think that the people focus not only on the rareness or newness but also the meaning in society - the intention and principle.
    In addition, I feel the importance of the view for vulnerable groups. Will it be because the majority of the people in the world became the weak.
Where is the big difference between PR and placing the advertisement on a newspaper or a magazine? In addition, what kind of things should we be careful to prevent?
  • In a single phrase, I think whether it is egocentric or not.
What kind of mistakes tend to occur for the person in charge of the PR or publication?
  • To be picked up by the media doesn't mean you are great. Seeing it from the point of view of the manager in the company, if the amount of sales doesn't increase at the same time, the evaluation will be that it has been less than half effective. To carry it out, we need to try to get rid of the sectionalism and focus on the linkage between each section - sales and ads.
    So then we have to try not to become too egocentric or nondependent on either of them.
Is there anything which you care about daily to develop your skill about with regards to PR and publicity?
  • I've been trying to check various print media, broadcast media and WEB media without being caught up with my own idea and favor. In addition, by meeting many people I've been trying to catch the information from many directions.
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