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Introduction of our consultants

Consultants of PRest do the plan drafting which is tailor maid and based on a strategic thought process.

We suppose that you have some kinds of concerns in regard to the PR, events, press releases, public information upbringing and risk management as you are visiting this PRest site.
What is the problem your company is having now?
How can we help your company - - -?

We are going to introduce you to our professional consultants who form PRest entirely in this page. Look at each consultant who may become your partner.
There should be a hidden key to develop the business of your company.

By using my experience in TV productions as leverage, I build up strategies so that we can begin the media PR.
Hiroshi Hara
Area of specialtyTV
In charge ofbuilding up TV PR strategy
I know everything about the mechanism of (newspaper and magazine) and make use of it to approach and get media exposure
Jun Takano
Area of specialtyNewspaper and magazine
In charge ofpublicity development and PR substitution
A specialist of risk management who can protect your company's life in case of a crisis.
Hitoshi Tanaka
Area of specialtyRRisk management
In charge ofrisk management
By using Internet optimization with Web strategy which connects to PR, I plan to get more customers.
Kenichi Matsunaga
Area of specialtyWeb
In charge ofWeb planning
Hiroshi Haraimedia PR j
Jun Takano(newspaper and magazine)
Hitoshi TanakaiRisk Managementj
Kenichi MatsunagaiWeb marketingj
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