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PRest's PR Policy

Changing from advertisement to PR. (How to utilize mass communication)

As communication by the Internet spreads rapidly, the expectation of the consumers for the mass media has been changing. The companies cannot find a reason to spend a large amount of money for advertisements and it is not unusual to see the person in charge of advertising in those companies being at a loss now. People aren't interested in advertisements anymore.

The consumers are beginning to emphasize the fact in which we can see the standard of their own consuming actions as we can obviously see the reader's reviews on Amazon.com and the review by word of mouth on a site which is called "price .com". In such times, the consumers actually show a kind of a frosty look on their face towards advertisements which are directed by the first-class rendition.

The value of advertisements is starting to decrease, "PR" (public relations) attracts more attention. Things which are reported by the mass communication were a general recognition of "PR" till now. However, It seems that many people have been getting the impression about this such as that it is something passive and an inferior type of effort. However, the companies which are noticing the influence of "PR" already started to use the mass communication well and deliver various information about their own companies positively and continuously. They can see the effectiveness of advertising with "PR" more than "an advertisement", and they know the reason why it gives achievements.

By the way, no matter how much you send press releases, it is the reality that you will gain no attention from the mass communication. Why is it like this? It is because there is no such "strategy". The PR service in which PRest sponsors create news which is picked up by the mass communication and puts the principal objective in what you can utilize in marketing to the maximum. Therefore we don't think about PR as a simple type of work, but as one of "the strategies" to connect to the marketing.

We assert that even for the medium or small-sized business which cannot spend large amounts of money for advertisements, it is possible to surpass some major companies, if you can promote oneself well by the use of PR which conforms to the strategy. In PRest, we help to utilize the mass communication strategically regardless of the size of companies.

Media PR strategy which you start with the marketing phase

  • We incorporate the tactics which assume the media exposure and try to get the exposure in TV programs and major magazines for which the response is highly effectively.

The PR that is conformed to the strategy

  • We approach with the PR strategy which was set in the marketing phase for mass communication as a base. And we make a planning sheet which is narrowed down to "a section frame and planning intention" of the media and direct ideal exposure by negotiating carefully.

We train up a person who can work on this by themselves

  • We teach the media PR strategy and the tactics of PRest to the person in charge of your company in a way which is easy to understand through-out the term of the contract. Because the information dispatch system of your company will be built, after the contract ends you will be able to repeat the media relations independently.
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