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President greetings

Company president Hidetoshi Suzuki

The consumption dropped by the unprecedented global recession which started from the issue of subprime loans and the company is striving to survive. To survive in the times when the companies can't sell their products as well as they used to, each of "the strategy and the tactics" which your company takes will decide your company's outcome more clearly.

The various products, services and technologies that your company produces now in order to overcome the times of this turbulence, however if there is no tactics to let the people recognize this useful information widely in the society, the effort won't be rewarded. If your company misses the opportunity when the information that your company produced in the past play an active part in the society and it has been sleeping, it would be a big loss of the whole society as well as your company, wouldn't it?

The PR service that we offer is activities which clarify your company's information for society, direct it, and make it change beautifully.
With that in our mind, by using the media such as newspaper, magazine and WEB, which includes a TV program, we try to increase the responses, plan solicitation of the product recognition, and support the upward revision of the business plan of our clients.

In times when the valuations of the end users become severer in the future, you will have to pay attention to the promotion strategy, the communication strategy and the PR strategy in the marketing of your company.
We think that it is a mission of PRest to carry out the PR with our first-class professionals.

According to the words of a merchant of Omi [MIKATA YOSHI] since a long time ago, we work as a "supporter" for the development of our client companies, those companies which are related and the media producers and make every possible effort as well as for development of the life of the people in Japan.

We wish to have your support and continuous favor.

PRest , Inc. president
Hidetoshi Suzuki

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