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This column is quoted from one which Suzuki (our companyfs employee) wrote for Bizloop as they had requested. Please check Bizloop to see the latest issue.

How to create TV news set up for PR

PR Communication directly attracts media
  • Development of new products, the survey and the company structure, any of these are impossible to realize!
    Are there readers mourning like this?
  • In such case there is a way taking massive advantage of a major company of the industry your company also belongs to. Or it may be better to say "making use of it".
  • Large corporations often open various information on their own web sites and you can also find industry trends on it. In addition, the leading-edge products also appear on the web site, so why don't you create a good press release using those information. It would be very useful for the director of TV show because your press release includes not only product information also some relating information, which make it possible you to get a coverage. Your final goal is PR of services and products of your company's, of course. It's completely absurd if the reporters ask a large company for an interview and end up with it. You need to come up with a gimmick to avoid such situation and this is where you make use of your own wisdom.
  • You can try to incorporate the information of a great competitor and some industry-leading information, as [featured in TV] can not be realized only with your own company anyway.
  • At last, I will pick up some major PR activities to magazines and to newspapers though these are not familiar with television industry.
  • [Press conference]ccunveiling of something like new products at a hall or a hotel room.
    [Ceremony]cccarried out mainly at famous department stores and amusement parks.At the ceremony, they cut the ribbon to commemorate the opening or renewal, present souvenirs to visitors of the million and hold "Anniversary event of million visitors".
    [Observation tour]ccon its opening, unveiling a new facilities(such as factories and laboratories) to the media prior to the public.
    [Press tour]cif there is a major plant facility and it locates far away, lead a reporter to a tour to get an interview. The company pay for the expenses such as transportation fees.
    [Press seminar]cstudy session for the journalists in order to get a deeper understanding of a highly specialized technology and its content.
  • It would be more realistic to get published by providing your products to [gift to readers section] if you want it to be featured as soon as possible. [Gift to readers section] is much easier to be published than other PR means, so it is good way to beginners. You should be aware of the audience at this time. At least your products and your company name are specified, which can be a clue to what is there, just like the [care beds for the young] example, and the announcement of the product may lead to the development of new customers
  • It is quite easy. All you have to do is to send a press release describing the product contents that you can provide, numbers of gifts and so on [to the staff in charge of Gift for Readers section] at the editorial. Same as the other case, the target audience must overlap with the readers, if not, there is no meaning to do so. With firm grasp on the audience, and carry out.
  • So far today.
    Next time I will tell about the interview notes!
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