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This column is quoted from one which Suzuki (our companyfs employee) wrote for Bizloop as they had requested. Please check Bizloop to see the latest issue.

How to create TV news set up for PR

[President] and [Keywords] TV likes
  • It's not particularly unusual to see woman in front-line president, but still there is a need for the media. In fact, some programs have the section covering the woman president.
  • However, such president often needs to have some surprising characteristics if thinking about shown on TV as PR. IT president who used to be a mob, university girl president who boasts billions of yen in sales or 100-year-old playing presidentc.
  • And it is the fact that the presidents who are often shown on TV shows have each of the special background against them. This is just another situation, but if your president has a special experience, it can be a tool of PR. However, depending on the program, you better know about direction policy and intent of the program, and act carefully, because it may be treated as entertainment depending on a TV show. There are [aggressive presidents] whose character are unique and want to be treated as a celebrity, but their final goal is not [to be exposed on TV]. It is important to calculate the potential benefits down the road.
  • Ad a prerequisite, TV will not come to the interview unless you have something special. For example, if you think you want the television coverage to your fruit and vegetable shop. Ordinary line-up of products, the regular prices and ordinary business hours are not attractive enough. People don't have to visit your shop because they only have to go to the neighboring shop of the TV station. For PR activities, you must create a need and must attempt to differentiate themselves from the other.
  • The keywords of being differentiated is [new][unusual][surprising][fun][super].
  • With the case of the fruit and vegetable shop, if the keyword is [new], the shop can be talked about "New sales system that all the ingredients are sold in vending machines". If there is such a shop, people will talk "Who, and What is the purpose of invention?". If the keyword is [unusual], you may also be a good specialist to deal with wild fruits of Japan.
  • Whether the business holds aside, it would possibly be available to have their shops and companies been topical. [Ordinary] is not necessary for TV shows.
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