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This column is quoted from one which Suzuki (our companyfs employee) wrote for Bizloop as they had requested. Please check Bizloop to see the latest issue.

How to create TV news set up for PR

PR activities on Surveys and celebrity events
  • I will introduce a way for your reference which may not be practical because it requires money and effort.
  • One of the well-seen approach is a survey. You have ever seen surveys such as [Questionnaire for side dishes for lunch] and [ Nice Christmas gift to receive]?
  • Clarifying the needs of the market must be the beginning, but still this is also a good material for news. It would be possible to expose at least the company name if you ask the media to use in-house survey results to be introduced as [Researched by Inc.]. In addition, using the findings of the research and developing a product in response to consumer needs, you can come up with more PR strategy.
  • Also raising from the public under the theme already set is a very effective means for creating interesting topics. As you probably know it has often been featured in the media, it will not be an exaggeration that Ito En's [New Haiku Award by Oi Ocha] and the kanji foundation's [ Kanji of the year] is now a national event.
  • As magazine-speaking, relatively easy way to achieve television exposure with a gift of your product being published is the events and press conferences invited celebrities. If there is money and power of arbitration it will be conducted soon. Of course, there are some points you must be careful with. Product presentation invited the celebrities can certainly attract many media with the enormous power. The more seasonal celebrity increases its power and many people from media come together for coverage not only from TV, Sports papers and woman magazines.
  • I have some experience as a director in a entertainment coverage, so I know its enormous power. It was not unusual all crews of private stations gathered even at product launches and events of just one company. Most shows have entertainment corners in its program from information program in the morning until evening news program, and the day after the event the various programs will take the topic at once regardless with time and stations. In addition, it will also cover sports papers and women magazines, which means you will be exposed in multiple media at once.
  • In this way, the PR activities beyond the boundaries of media, stations and TV shows are only available at the events. But who comes to interview is entertainment coverage group. Their goal is to hear comments from the celebrities. So, the product originally to play the leading part is only to be introduced a little.
  • It is important to make an event to be introduced as a set of [ celebrities and product] because you invite celebrities with expensive cost. To do so, you will need to devise a careful plan from casting celebrities to event design. Call a celebrity, the event is successful with lots of reporters, but it is so pity [the only thing broadcasted is the celebrities' divorce matter] even though being broadcasted in the program of the next day the event was against the celebrities.
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