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This column is quoted from one which Suzuki (our companyfs employee) wrote for Bizloop as they had requested. Please check Bizloop to see the latest issue.

How to create TV news set up for PR

PR-looking product development
  • I feel myself when getting to PR activity, and I find it difficult to find PR technique in the beginning was company's product. As I mentioned the Printemps Ginza matter that continues to send proposal press release, I think it necessary to hold events focused on exposure to media and develop new products if you are really work with PR activities.
  • Many companies follow with [product development] [announcement of release] [PR], but it's quite difficult to get an outstanding and a drastic result how much you do your best "I want exposure to the media!" with holding products and services that are not attractive enough for PR. However, knowing the characteristics of TV programs, it is possible to bring a drastic result by developing products that are attractive enough for PR and that making a debut.
  • This is an example application of proposal writing that TV staff is interested in and I talked about it last time. Let me omit the press release of result, of anniversary and of only-one, as it can not be explain unless there is a fact to write about.
  • For example, suppose I am a staff of a glass manufacturer, I will think about a plan of a product that is likely to be introduced in a TV show.
  • @[Increasing children without a cup! - Undeveloped hands of children -]
  • Content:
    With the spread of the bottle, there increase children who don't use cups.
  • Let us assume if the function of children's hands due to such reason.
    The spread of plastic bottles is apparent to anyone and also is a familiar topic. The theme already clears the hurdle of existing television broadcast standards. And request a research institute to research.
  • Research is done to know what changes happen in a few weeks between children with plastic bottles only and children both with bottles and cups.
    If something changes as guessed before, that is the time to develop a product that eliminates the problem.
  • If it is not effective yet , with the assumption of [manual dexterity] = [magician] co-developing with a magician( for example, Mr. Tomohiro Maeda often seen on TV) a product such as [Majicup] that fosters magicians and release to the market.
    This applies to the IT industry that is said to be weak in its PR activities on TV. Why are they weak?
  • @Eless familiar to the public
    @Edifficult to explain
    @Eno image
  • If so, you may be able to attract reporters at once when you develop a system for housewives, or you can take an intensive PR during the exam season when you develop [software for student].
    The media doesn't care what the content of the technology is like. The product is going to be introduced upon keyword of [students] as an useful system for students in the course of the interview.
    [B to C], the consumer business, is most effective on television PR, and even with [B to B], enterprise business, ultimately and finally goes to individual consumers [C]. In that sense, even if not directly beneficial, it will never be wasted that PR-conscious efforts to create private sources.
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