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This column is quoted from one which Suzuki (our companyfs employee) wrote for Bizloop as they had requested. Please check Bizloop to see the latest issue.

Basics of the TV advertising and Press release

How to distribute press releases (1) news release proposal
  • Well, I have claimed until last time that "the press release generally seen is completely useless for the program director", in fact the meaning of press release is defined as [the publish information by the government agencies and corporations primarily for the press] and it doesn't make sense for the companies and PR corporations if I talk ridiculously [send me something interesting].
  • However, it is a story only when we focus on [releasing]. PR or releasing to the press means nothing but the hope that you want them to cover the information. The traditional press release is not enough when sent to television not to other media like newspapers or magazines. To promote the press release to television, you must incorporate the information other than your own product such as relating information and social circumstances.
  • When I was working as a program director I knew a company who used to send a good proposal press release. That is [Printemps Ginza] at Ginza, Tokyo. I can't remember every single detail at the time The press release that the spokesman(woman) of the time used to send was very rich in variety and create the fashion skillfully. This was impressive and I still remember strongly. Actually, the press release of Printemps Ginza was very useful to the program director. I will raise the examples roughly what kind of point is useful.
  • 1.integrate the information of each of tenants, and send the core keyword
    2.attractive event planning with core feature upon media exposure
    3.a thorough show planning for coverage upon intention of the program
  • Lots of program directors were helped by the press release of Printemps Ginza, as it could be the soil that contained many tenant companies, the department store. Because there was always the minimum amount of information available that could be broadcasted, it was just like [Printemps Ginza for trouble], and I still remember the chief director at the time was not able to stand and said [Don't take too many Printemps' plans!]
  • It is no doubt that Printemps Ginza got more famous in repeated exposure to media, though it was very popular department store at the time. There probably is no one living in Tokyo area who doesn't know Printemps Ginza. Just like this case, your company may become famous without realizing if you keep sending good proposal press releases.
Basics of the TV advertising and Press release
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