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This column is quoted from one which Suzuki (our companyfs employee) wrote for Bizloop as they had requested. Please check Bizloop to see the latest issue.

Basics of the TV advertising and Press release

The type of press release (2) release of the results
  • This may be a bit unrealistic for someone who are reading this column, I will explain about [release of the results] as one example of effective press release.
  • The merit of [release of the results] that summarizes the results is easy to take an image video as you only have to cover up what already exists.
  • In general, the distribution of press releases are likely to depend on the timing of the launch of services and products. As I already said, most of the press release sent to TV is [newly released] one. However, the product people can buy must already exist in order to take proper pictures. So, it is more valuable for TV to be sent the information about what kind of consumers support the product and the information about [sold out everywhere!] as a result of the release, that is much useful than [newly released!]. And if you are able to analyze the result and attach the report of the analysis, the chance of coverage will probably rise.
  • Suppose you have released a new product.
  • [Upon analysis of the purchasers, we found the main purchases are the freshman of companies. And on further research and analysis of the reason of purchase, it appears to be accepted as a required item for a freshman who cannot afford to live in hard times due to tight training schedule that is approx. twice in period as much as one 10 years ago.]
  • Quite simple, but suppose you found this fact on after-sales survey as described above. And this is the timing you can make a first news of
    [Supported by the freshman upon new release of ]
    and is introduced on media as
  • [Lots of dropout! Harsh training of new company! Average hours of training]
  • @@@@@@
  • [close coverage of training of a few companies]
  • @@@@@@
  • [social background on a harsh training]
  • @@@@@@
  • [new product become popular in unexpected place]
  • The product can be picked up by the program in such way. The media extremely hate the smell of propaganda by one organization. The possible configuration will be "It's an ill wind that blows nobody any good."
  • Of course it is a good idea to appeal to a info-variety corner of each TV program directly as a popular goods, but it's like leaving things to chance, "sink or swim". The circumstances will change depending on the timing of release or the situation of the production, so also are close to luck. Therefore, it is much effective to create a press release with social matter as introduced before.
  • However, what's important here is the information from overseas. People may surprisingly be deaf to the overseas information like [popular in the West!]. Perhaps you may be confused with the slogan of the Korean movie, "thousand people weptc".
  • The reason is not known clearly, but the Japanese are not very interested in [what foreign people are interested in and their customs]. During my carrier as a TV director, many viewers sometimes didn't react much to the foreign-related topics. People tend to like topics such as foreign food and sightseeing place.
  • So, even the hard long-awaited collection of statistical data, the production staff may not react to the figures related to overseas. Also, [going abroad to take a picture] is also a high financial hurdle for the time zone programming.
Basics of the TV advertising and Press release
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