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This column is quoted from one which Suzuki (our companyfs employee) wrote for Bizloop as they had requested. Please check Bizloop to see the latest issue.

Basics of the TV advertising and Press release

What is press release? (3) 90% chance of immediate trash
  • Generally press release sent by FAX or mail is often said that it is dumped without being looked at its contents, but it is not true. Program staff actually look at it. But it is dumped right away without being looked through as it doesn't seem to be noticed.
    Program production are always looking for something new. Hot topic is like a life for a program director. He/She wants it so badly that he/she can taste it.They would not throw away in such situation without checking the information. As a result, the reason why press releases are thrown away is its contents doesn't go beyond "simple information".
  • "New Release! for ladies with poor circulation"
    "Incredibly popular now! Seminar!"
  • Thus, the title or the headline is made to devise some extent, but its content is only a summary. Only compliments are mentioned but not interesting nor amusing at all, which attract nobody's attention just like following; "Oh, yeah. Please freely release."
    Many companies and PR companies send the program their press release every day, it's quite interesting that most of those are similar "reporting documents" as if a same person has written all of those. At least, he would never imagine his such press release gets picked up if he know the program and show corners.
    The staff and the director of the program can easily tell,
    "This press release must be rotated in large quantities among magazines and newspapers. "
    Moreover, it will go straight to a trash since there is nothing attractive.
    When you guess the aim of PR companies' and corporate', you may imagine
    "They may pick up a topic about poor circulation as it's cold season."
    "They may come to interview to the special features of seminars."
    But it is too optimistic. Your idea would rarely be picked up by the program without considering very well. It's just like a sweet imagination how you use the money you win when buying a lottery ticket.
    To avoid "Go trash immediately", what you have to do is to research programs and show corners. If you send a press release created on enough study of the program, the program staff feel happy when they are asked to pick up the press release. And at least, you can make them feel "I want to read this press release." In fact, the press release created that way mentioned somewhere that you understand the contents. Still, it doesn't often work out as planned.
    However, if the press release is created upon thorough study of the program, you can get an idea what the program expects such as,
    "Do you have of such condition?"
    "This may be available in this season though it doesn't match this season."
    Upon understanding each of your condition.
    And cleared by them, the chance to be featured on the show will get rather higher.
    If you send a press release on the show, it will go straight to trash as a piece of paper unless you mention something attractive for the program to consider as their show plan.
Basics of the TV advertising and Press release
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