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This column is quoted from one which Suzuki (our companyfs employee) wrote for Bizloop as they had requested. Please check Bizloop to see the latest issue.

Basics of the TV advertising and Press release

What is press release ? (1) "Press release is a love letter to a reporter
  • Explain in a plane word, press release is a brief summary of the document which gathered basic information such as the service contents and the outline of the products that are to attract business coverage. They send this to the media to be covered.
    Press release is the first important contact to have a director in the scene paid attention on it. Press release is just like a love letter, though in today the word may sound much older.
    First of all, getting somebody to know you. Then approaching them to be accepted. That is the expression you need to transmit your maximum appeal.
  • "This is what I am and this is my appeal."
    "There is a point of contact between you and me."
    "I am also interested in what you have strong interest in."
    "I think I am congenial to you in this point."
    "I am very pleased if you could have interest in me."
    "I would like to talk to you directly if possible."
  • What you have to do is to try to catch his/her attention in every way.
    First, to get them to have even a little interest in what you write, examine the contents to write by considering the preference of the recipient. It is quite natural that you write something people might be interested in order to receive their slightest attention. That is why you must know him/her very well. You will never be able to write something interesting unless knowing the recipients and understanding them very well, or the contents will become self -righteous appeal and nothing more than that the long-awaited love letter. Reading your letter, he/she will get disappointed and fed up with it.
    What's important is knowing your recipient and understanding them very well, which will make it possible you to write the interesting contents and to send what you have in mind to them.
    This is what I meant last time, "At least, store the knowledge about the program and understand the content of the program." It will avoid the error such as providing young people over the program with information about products for elderly care beds. It is a waste of effort and paper that will never be considered or be covered by the program. Knowing and understanding the recipient , you will never be turned away. You can get a chance to be considered = to become a candidate to be broadcasted.
    In other words, if you understand the contents of the program, you can create a press release that can match the idea of the show, then your press release will catch the TV director's attention. And when the press release is considered to be attractive for the program, it will soon be featured on TV.
Basics of the TV advertising and Press release
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