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This column is quoted from one which Suzuki (our companyfs employee) wrote for Bizloop as they had requested. Please check Bizloop to see the latest issue.

Japanese Television Publicity and Japanese the Television Industry

Find the Japanese TV Show for You
  • @Companies that have no strategic marketing plan, or are individually based, should initially start by looking at two or three informational shows, ones that your company people normally watch, and send press releases to them.
  • @The more you are familiar with the shows, the more likely that you will understand what the shows are about and who they are aimed at.
  • @If you do not watch TV regularly, try recording a couple of shows and see what they are like. Or for the people who simply do not have the time, at least take a look at the showsfwebsites.
  • @One thing you should never do is hope to hit it big by sending out press releases to whatever show you could get a hold of. It is like trying to find a job by sending resumes at random, sending a generic press release without knowing the show is a lost cause. An effective PR campaign requires a lot of research. It is most important to find a show that matches the needs of your company, and then to create a proposal that will pique the directorfs interests. So it is best to start by finding out what the shows are about.
  • @TV directors can tell which companies have spent time and effort working on their press releases. Companies that have not are usually removed from consideration at the very beginning. Like everybody else, the people in the TV industry just do not have the time.
  • @That is not to say you cannot do it this way. TV shows do not have a blocking system that prevents you from sending generic releases. When I was young, I actually read through all the press releases that came to our office. But the more experienced the people become, the more efficient they become with their work. And unfortunately, they begin to not bother with poorly constructed press releases. When I was working, it became rare to see the people from the PR companies. Eventually, all press releases were sent by mail or fax.
  • @TV directors are people too. They work with pride and love for their craft. So when they see proposals that show very little understanding of their shows, they cannot help but feel disappointed. The key thing is to understand who you are working with. If you want your company to be promoted on TV, you must do some research into the shows, and select a show that matches what you want. The dirty work is necessary for an effective PR campaign.
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