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This column is quoted from one which Suzuki (our companyfs employee) wrote for Bizloop as they had requested. Please check Bizloop to see the latest issue.

Japanese Television Publicity and Japanese the Television Industry

gTypes of Japanese TV Programming and PRh
  • Part 1. The Many Forms of Japanese TV Programming
  • @Most people probably have a general idea of what a TV show is. What they do not realize however is that shows come in all shapes and sizes. That is why it is always best to review and understand the shows prior to requesting TV coverage.
  • @Think of a show as like a company, with its own budget and its own target demographic. These factors affect how the show is edited and produced. Basically, no matter how brilliant your product or service may be, it will never go on air if it is not in accord with the goals of the show.
  • @Marketing without understanding the aim of a show can quickly become a waste of both time and money.@That is why it is necessary to understand the concept of the show beforehand.@When I worked in the industry, I saw company reps asking production crews what their show was about during the production meetings. Surprisingly, this is quite common.
  • @However, think of the impression this leaves on the production side. For the best of both worlds and to maximize your opportunities, you must understand the concept of the show before requesting coverage.
  • Below is a rough outline of the types of TV programs and their regular time slots.
  • 1. Informational Programming
    EOften aired live
    Eovers several topics for a wide audience
    EPreference for timely information
    EFocused on news around the metropolitan area
  • 2.News Programming
    EAccident/crime reports
    Audience changes with time slot
    Afternoons aimed at housewives (food, fashion, beauty, health)
    Late-nights focused on more edgy topics for the working people
  • 3. Wide Shows
    Segments about fashion, beauty, food, illness, health, leisure, and fitness
    Effective for PR
    Not very flexible with other topics
  • 4.Variety Shows
    EHigh ratings
    EDominated by stars, not much room for marketing
    E(Info-variety shows do provide time for promoting though)
  • 5.TV Dramas
    EThree-month long series or a two-hour special
    ELimited exposure
    EContract required for product placement
  • Part 2. National and Local Broadcasts
  • @The TV industry has two types of broadcasts: national and local.
  • @National broadcasts, regardless of the type of show, tend to focus on issues and topics that occur in and around the metropolitan area. On the other hand, local shows focus more on regional topics. As a result, they are less inclined to use topics outside of the local area.
  • @As the subject of PR, both have their pros and cons. Rather than requesting coverage randomly however, it is best to analyze your company first, and then to find a show that matches your needs.
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