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This column is quoted from one which Suzuki (our companyfs employee) wrote for Bizloop as they had requested. Please check Bizloop to see the latest issue.

Basic Knowledge To Publicize Your Business in Japan (PR)

Most of great tool to convey "Television PR
  • P.Making it much more interesting and convenient
  • In many cases, you would spend a considerable amount of effort, money, and time to open up a new market and win new customers. In Japan, the only tool we can use to appeal to more than a million people instantaneously would be nothing other than a television. An audience rating of 1% on nation-wide broadcasting is equivalent to over one million viewers. Granted that your products/services were introduced during a program that had an audience rating of 15%, the information would be received by over 15 million viewers. Although Yomiuri Newspaper takes pride in its world's record circulation of 10 million copies, the fact does not guarantee that their self-advertised articles will be read by those readers. Furthermore, the newspaper's basic standpoint would be "frankly reporting the matter of fact", while information reported on a television program would be directed by program directors, so that it would become much more interesting, convenient, and attractive to the viewers. The degree of response you get with television would be far above than any other media such as newspapers, because television can provide concrete and detailed information with its moving image.
  • Q.The direction of a television program can be used as a great business tool
  • I once reported on a speaker that was specially developed by a particular manufacturer, while I was a director in charge of the information period during a television program. A very special technology was applied to this product, so any sound generated can only be heard from the very front of the speaker, not from the sides, back, nor diagonally behind. It was very difficult to express the "sound" you cannot see through television, which is visual-image oriented. Nevertheless, it was the time to exhibit my skill as a director, by finding a way to effectively convey this information to viewers. After much hair-pulling, the idea I came up with was to use the "Dancing Flower", the toy which reacts to sound by dancing, which once swept the nation years ago. We placed the "Dancing Flowers" at regular interval around the speaker generating sound. If we placed them around a standard speaker, they would all start dancing at once. However, with this special speaker, only the one that was placed in front of the speaker moved, and thereby proved the speaker's special function of "sound can be heard only from the front" via visual aid. The broadcast created a sensation and the ad sales representative from the speaker manufacturer expressed deep appreciation by saying, "Thanks to your program, we have found the best method to show the product's unique characteristic." Also, this person shared that he had been struggling for a long time to find the way to effectively display the products unique function. I may be flattering myself by sharing this episode, but this is just an example of the television being the great medium, which not only broadcasts the picture of your product/services, but directs the information in a manner which is more easily understood and more convincing to most all the viewers. The viewers can deepen their understanding of the products/services, and the business can gain better ideas to promote their product/services, without spending lots of money and capital. Wouldn't all these benefits qualify television to be considered the greatest tool to be used? We do the "PR activity" in order to make the most of this great tool.
Basic Knowledge To Publicize Your Business in Japan (PR)
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Most of great tool to convey "Television PR
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