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This column is quoted from one which Suzuki (our companyfs employee) wrote for Bizloop as they had requested. Please check Bizloop to see the latest issue.

Basic Knowledge To Publicize Your Business in Japan (PR)

Precisely Because You Are Unknown, You Have a Great Chance in Japan!
  • P."Being unknown" + "Value added" = "The Information Television Programs Favor"
  • Please rid yourself of the misunderstanding that television programs only adopt products from major companies. Producers have the tendency to be delighted when they find and make a report on something which is still unknown yet worthy of mention for its great potential, before someone else does.
  • As an example, I will share something that actually happened during the live broadcast of a program I worked on as a director. It happened one summer, while all of Japan was suffering from a heat wave. A decision was made for this program to feature pictures of cool and refreshing looking waterfalls throughout the nation live for one week. Since I was put in charge of the Kanto (Tokyo and the surrounding prefectures) area, I started my search for waterfalls in that area. Most of us would recall the famous waterfalls such as "Kegon waterfall" in Nikko, Tochigi, "Fukuroda waterfall" in Ibaraki, "Fukiware waterfall" in Gunma, when we are asked about waterfalls in this area. However, I felt hesitant to feature those well-known waterfalls at that time, since airing fresh and useful information is the mission of television services, so it is counter intuitive to feature such familiar sites for viewers. Therefore, the waterfall I chose to feature was the rather unknown Osen waterfall, which is located in the middle of a national forest area in Kusatsu, Gunma. The minerals in the hot spring discolored the surface of the surrounding rocks and created a beautiful contrast with the clear, flowing water as it runs over the rocks. Although the rarity of the subject was not required, as a program director, I searched for and featured a particularly unknown waterfall, which has a special value. The goal of the media is to send information which "needs to be known by the public" and "is not yet known, but useful." In other words, a thing that is still unknown has a greater chance to be broadcast, than something which is already well-known or even famous. The statement, "I did not buy it because I did not know about it" can be transformed into "I bought it when I found out about it."
  • Q."PR Creates a Ripple Effect"
  • The greatest merit of being part of a program broadcast, only possible through the PR activity, would be the speedy and complete transmission of an attractive product/service to the consumer audience. Needless to say, it would invite new customers and promote sales. In addition, the credibility and reputation of your business would go up tremendously as value-added, because consumers recognize the fact of being featured during a television program as the good indicator for the company conducting trustworthy business. The merit you gain would not be limited in the area of sales and trade, but also in the area of financial affairs such as collecting funds. On top of that, the company which does frequent PR activity creates the positive image of having active and sound business function, and therefore, the company name would be established as a brand. There are many cases where the positive image and the brand name of the company actually motivate the employees, prevent the turning-over of competent workers, and help collecting talents. In other words, continuous use of effective PR activity leads the company to be active and increase its prosperity.
Basic Knowledge To Publicize Your Business in Japan (PR)
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Precisely Because You Are Unknown, You Have a Great Chance in Japan!
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