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This column is quoted from one which Suzuki (our companyfs employee) wrote for Bizloop as they had requested. Please check Bizloop to see the latest issue.

Basic Knowledge To Publicize Your Business in Japan (PR)

If They Do Not Know, They Will Not Buy @`Case in Japan`
  • Is your product for the masses or for businesses? Or, are you a trendy IT-related company? Regardless, if your company is not making remarkable profits and/or producing great results, then shoud ask yourself why. Is it because of the price? Is it because of the content? Or is it the shape? If you analyze each piece of your product, you may find some negative factors, such as the use of an unpopular color for furniture; the gap between the customers' needs and the quality of an electric appliance; or the flavor of the food you produce or process. These analyses are all accurate, yet incorrect.
  • In truth, the biggest reason for not selling is that the product is either "unknown" or "not informed" to the customers. Having product unknown by the targeted consumers is the same as product that does not exist. The natural result is that the unknown products/services are not used by the consumers.
  • The often heard phrases such as "sold out because it was on a television program" and "customers standing in long lines to get the hit product presented on a television program" give us the true picture of the importance of being known. Customers do not buy a product they don't know about, yet will buy it when they find out about it; it is that simple.
  • If you are struggling to make your sales go up, there is a possibility that the attractiveness and desirability of your product/services are not being presented well to the customers. Now, it is important to understand: customers buy a product not just because it was introduced on a television program, but the product was presented as desirable and attractive on the program.
  • There are countless things considered a "hit" or "popular", such as hit products, popular stores, popular services, and so on. In order for them to win such tremendous popularity, most of them must have been presented through public media. Through the popular media, the attractiveness and the charm of the product/services should be conveyed to the full extent, and then it will win greater popularity.
  • "PR activity" precisely means the effective use of techniques and steps to bring together the reporters and receive coverage from the media.
Basic Knowledge To Publicize Your Business in Japan (PR)
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