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Case studies of PRest's work

Do you have any partners who can give you proper advice when your company is in trouble?
The PR solutions which we provide.
In fact, we've heard identical patterns of concerns irrespective of the category of business and the business status.
In which of these patterns is your company concerned with now?

To utilize mass communication

‚o‚q Case Study1
The articles which are taken up by media are quite few, in spite of your company having a PR company to work especially for it.
Frequency levelššššš
‚o‚q Case Study2
There is little response even though your company has sent out press releases.
Frequency levelššššš
‚o‚q Case Study3
Although there are decent numbers of articles which were picked up by the media, the responses are few. Are you concerned?
Frequency levelšššš
‚o‚q Case Study4
You get interviews from newspapers and magazines but about from TV.
Frequency levelšššš
‚o‚q Case Study5
If you are thinking that you want to reform the contents of the regular events and make them more relevant.
Frequency levelššš

To utilize the WEB

‚veb Case Study1
There isn't much response at all even though you've placed advertisements and PR.
Frequency levelššššš
‚veb Case Study2
There are only a few enquiries even though you've made a presentation at an exhibition.
Frequency levelšššš
‚veb Case Study3
The cost-effectiveness of advertisements, in the specialized information magazine in which your articles have been placed, isn't efficient.
Frequency levelšššš

To protect your company

Case Study1
In proportion to the expansion of the yearly turnover, various problems
Frequency levelššššš
Case Study2
You tried to train an employee who was causing problems, but it doesn't go well.
Frequency levelšššš
Case Study3
Although you acquired a P mark and the certification of ISMS, you cannot manage it well
Frequency levelšššš
Case Study4
You installed a core computer system but, you are worried whether you can put it into practical use or not
Frequency levelšššš
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