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Case Study3
Certificate problem
Frequency level
  • Category of business / Sales product Venture (unlisted)
  • Number of employee from 200
  • Location Saitama

They acquired 'P mark' and 'ISMS' because they were in demand from customers. However, disgraceful affairs such as information leaks were still occurring. Therefore, they were concerned about if they should just leave it as is, and they were concerned they might not pass an external checkup.

PRest's risk management
As a result of precise investigation of the problems which happened frequently, we found out there were some concerns about their human resource and organization, which happens often in any large-scale company. They needed to improve the operation of 'P mark' and 'ISMS' and especially business flow and training.
Risk management administration term
One and a half to two years
Organizing a team
Chief (total management / company adjustments)
A person in charge of human resource organization improvement (including training)
A person in charge of business improvement
4 or more Staff (documentation such as a company regulation etc )

Message from the person in charge

Although they acquired 'P mark' and 'ISMS' because they were requested constantly by customers, the reasoning for this didn't penetrate into the company. Therefore, they needed to review their training policy as well as other things, to work companywide for the same goal together. Also there were concerns about delegation of their moral, such as delayed tasks. Therefore they needed to do their process improvement as well. It was important that they not only introduce and operate it, but also review it if necessary.
Hitoshi Tanaka
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Certificate problem
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