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Cost-effectiveness of the ad in the specialized information magazine which you are advertising is bad.
Frequency level
  • Category of business / Sales product Real estate
  • Number of employee up to 50
  • Location Tokyo

Issue on PR
There issue was how low their cost of operations could be to manage their business as a real estate company which was purely Internet based. At that time, they had a list of their properties in a housing information magazine, but they didn't have many responses because their company's name recognition wasn't as big as their major competitors. That was why they weren't satisfied about the cost effectiveness.
PR budget
Advertising expenses / 500.000 per month
Media exposure
Specialized information magazine

PRest's solution
We implemented SEO to get listed high in the search engine's result when people searched with these keywords, 'a name of place', 'a word such as condominium' and each property name. The purpose was to attract high potential customers to visit their web site.
At the same time, we created new property introduction pages which had precisely separated areas to get listed high in the search engine's result on each page.
PR budget
WEB creation fee / 2.000.000 yen
SEO / 200.000 yen per month
Point of improvemen
The matching ratio between property listing pages and visitor's needs increased and the number of enquiries rose threefold.

Message from the person in charge

Because more than one company handles same properties at the same time and sales prices are the same, we basically can't differentiate between their properties. Therefore, how they can acquire media exposure against competitors is very important. In the accelerated situation in which the consumers were getting away from looking at advertisements, the strategy which attracted people to come to their web site by using SEO and using proper key words was just a good fit in this case.(Matsunaga)
Kenichi Matsunaga
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