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veb Case Study2
There are only few inquiries after exhibiting for an exhibition
Frequency level
  • Category of business / Sales product Ecology products sales
  • Number of employee up to 200
  • Location Tokyo

Issue on PR
They were regularly making presentations in exhibitions. But the number of enquiries after those presentations decreased every time. We assumed that the reason was the cost reduction, such as decreasing the quality of pamphlets which they were handing out, and bookbinding of leaflets, also restraining number of hand outs.
PR budget
Making a presentation at a exhibition / 2.000.000 yen (once)
Media exposure
Web site that exhibition organizer runs

PRest's solution
We judged that a problem was underlying in their way of following up after exhibitions. So we established a specialized web page for the event visitors and put the URL on the leaflets which they handed out on the day as well. On the specialized web page, we placed the information about the exhibition and the questions which they were asked by the visitors on that day by using a Q and A style. So we tried to produce a feeling of connectedness with the event for the visitors on the web site.
PR budget
WEB production fee / 500.000 yen
Consulting fee / 500.000 yen
Point of improvemen
Adding an advantage which continued making use of the specialized web page once it was set up, to have enquiries constantly through the Internet after the exhibitions

Message from the person in charge

I guess that the time you usually can spend on talking to each visitor at a large-scale event or exhibition will be 20 minutes at the longest. Also, if we consider that those visitors would look around at many booths, it will be necessary to have a web site ready as a method for them to be able to check the information they want later on. Especially if they can produce a feeling of connectedness with the event, the number of enquiries will increase as well, I think. (Matsunaga)
Kenichi Matsunaga
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