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oq Case Study5
If you are thinking that you want to reform the contents of the regular events and make them more relevant.
Frequency level
  • Category of business / Sales product Service industry
  • Number of employee up to 150
  • Location Tokyo

Issue on PR
Because they had only a few of their own products and news, they were having a hard time on their PR activities. They aimed to attract media and media coverage by implementing events to improve their product's enlightenment and acknowledgement. But the event structure came only to falter their own products in many cases. Also the event's contents came to be similar every time.
So they were struggling over the event planning and the way of managing this.
PR budget
11,000,000 yen / once
Media exposure
Trade paper

PRest's solution
We participated from the stage of event planning to break through the self-satisfied event structure which was only focusing on the client company. So we started consulting to make the event contents to have strong power of statement by carefully investigating the theme and concept.
We made the contents which assumed media coverage by changing the event concept from 'only showing' style like a museum to 'experience-based' which was something more interesting.
At the same time, we taught media control skills to the person in charge in the public relations department.
PR budget
PR strategy course^400.000 yen per month
Fee on success on TV course
Point of improvemen
Attracting media coverage on TV, major media and trade paper

Message from the person in charge

In this client's case, which they actually had a consciousness about having problems with their event management, which is quite an unusual case. According to my long experience, many companies usually take no consideration about events which they had. I am going to tell you an important point about the event management in this case. The theme and message were fading out because they tried including the intention from the top and other departments. So I went to explain the real object which became a core of their events in the company with the person in charge and tried to reach a consensus. It led to a good result I think. (Matsuoka)
Hirokazu Matsuoka
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