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oq Case Study4
You get interviews from newspapers and magazines but about from TV.
Frequency level
  • Category of business / Sales product Communication business
  • Number of employee up to 10.000
  • Location Tokyo

Objective and situation of PR
They were implementing CSR activities to achieve their social responsibility. So they started to discuss about TV PR exposure to let people in society know about their CSR contents. They made a contract with a PR agency to aim at TV PR.
However they didn't get the exposure on TV even though the time was nearly running out for their CSR activities. So they started looking for another PR company which was specialized in TV programs.
PR budget
A PR company^1.200.000 per month
Paid publicity budget^8.000.000
Media exposure

PRest's solution
The contents of CSR were quite serious, so we judged that it would be impossible for the client by themselves to come on the air on TV because of its structure. Also, the time till the due date wasn't long enough. That was why we targeted the live broadcasting and daily programs.
1. We had to set up a strategy which attracted TV coverage.
2. The client had to be the main role in the composition of air-play.
To meet these conditions, we created a 'planning sheet' which kept an eye on the audience range on each program and media coverage. So based on this, we decided on questionnaire research, media coverage and corporation for the media coverage, and we approached a person in charge for the program.
PR budget
Fee on success course: 200.000 yen per month + fee on success
Point of improvemen
Acquiring 'feature articles' on information and news shows
Acquiring media exposure on the 'feature spot' in economic programs, which totaled 3 programs and 12 minutes and 36 seconds exposure.

Message from the person in charge

It was difficult to get media exposure even if an experienced PR company did this job, because the process of the media coverage and necessary information for TV programs are very complex, just like in this case. However if someone who is 'familiar with TV programs' does this job, it won't be too hard. Unfortunately, I can't explain the reason as it is an empirical rule. There is one thing for certain I can tell. I recommend you have a consultation about a 'possibility' of the exposure with a trustable PR company before making a contract, when your company implements TV PR. At least you will be able to prevent a risk ('occurrence of wasteful PR activity expense'). (Suzuki)
Hidetoshi Suzuki
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