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oq Case Study3
Although there are decent numbers of articles which were picked up by the media, the responses are few. Are you concerned?
Frequency level
  • Category of business / Sales product Catering industry
  • Number of employee up to 1000
  • Location Tokyo

Issue on PR
We implemented media PR focusing on Menu fair which they were serving.They had media PR exposure comparatively easily focusing on magazine, newspaper and Web. Even though they had a score of 5 to 7 on the media exposure, they found out that the ratio of getting responses from the media wasn't high when they implemented a questionnaire survey. So they implemented a technique to get effective media PR responses and increased the ratio of customer's visiting their shop.
PR budget
A PR company^600,000 per month
Media exposure
Many on trade paper, sports paper, town paper, general newspaper, magazine and Web etc

PRest's solution
Because their sales product was a 'meal' they acquired the media exposure comparatively easily. However many of them were limited only on the articles about the fair, campaign information and discount vouchers.
So we had a consultation to aim at the creation of information which had high 'topicality' and 'characteristic of the event to acquire introduction articles which attracted readers and made them think "I feel like going there". We tried the feature articles which mentioned about a style of the meal and foodstuff etc as a theme. So we implemented the media PR which had a high effect on responses.
PR budget
PR strategy course^700.000 yen per month
Point of improvemen
Improving the effectiveness on responses by selecting popular magazines and newspapers and setting up articles which appeal was effective.

Message from the person in charge

As a result of looking at their clipping file of PR exposure, we found out that there were problems in the contents of exposure and 'quality' of the media. For example, even if the article was taken up in a big space, the media was minor, and even if the media was major, the article was taken up just as a piece of information.
This client wasn't able to do 'differentiation from other companies' well. That was why, even if they sent out their press releases, it wasn't treated as a 'newsworthy' article for reporters to come for an interview.
Because we couldn't give a suggestion like promoting a large-scale change, and we had a hard time to create topics. However, I hear that the responses are finally increasing. (Suzuki)
Hidetoshi Suzuki
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