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oq Case Study2
There is little response even though your company has sent out press releases.
Frequency level
  • Category of business / Sales product Real estate
  • Number of employee up to 500
  • Location Chiba

Issue on PR
They decided to decrease the advertising budget and strengthen PR at a management meeting.
Although it was a high profile company, they never focused on publicity articles before. Also, they started to learn by themselves to deliver press releases. But they didn't get reasonable responses except from reporters of trade papers who they had a long time relationship with, and they didn't know what was wrong.
PR budget
None (implementing at public relations department)
Media exposure
Trade paper etc

PRest's solution
They had quite firm and general press release creation know-how. First of all we started focusing on consulting about how to create a press release which was based on the points which attracted reporters from each of the targeted media.
Also we taught them a stance which was to take information actively by their public relations department rather than to be with the passive public relations system which with they simply placed information from each department on press releases. As a result of this, general information quality went up.
PR budget
PR strategy course^400,000 yen per month
Point of improvemen
We strengthened the relationship between general newspapers and reporters to get a space for a feature article on a popular architecture magazine, and succeeded to get the article exposure.

Message from the person in charge

Because their business activity wasn't for TV, we strengthened the media approach for general newspaper and magazine. This client had high quality and potential information which was underlying so we had a consultation about how they could convey the attraction to the reporters and how to choose media and approach them.
In fact there are quite a lot of companies which have high a potential level, however they often don't realize this because it's their own company. (Takano)
Jun Takano
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