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oq Case Study1
The articles which are taken up by media are quite few, in spite of your company having a PR company to work especially for it.
Frequency level
  • Category of business / Sales product Sales product: Beauty equipment
  • Number of employee up to 100
  • Location Kanagawa

Objective and situation of PR
They started PR as they aimed to improve acknowledgement and understanding of their products.
They had an agent agreement with a PR company which was specialized in the beauty industry for their media approach's tasks. They implemented PR activities for the media by outsourcing.
But there were only a few articles which had media exposure, except for charged advertisement articles. Also nothing had been placed in general news papers.
PR budget
PR company^800,000 yen per month
Paid publicity budget^5,000,000 yen per year
Media exposure
Beauty industry magazines only

PRest's solution
We judged it was possible for them to cover 'PR activities' inside their public relations department by checking the annual frequency of releases of new products and the number of events. We had a consultation focusing on the creation of information (media PR strategy) which could attract media coverage because the amount of media exposure was low when we considered those years in which they implemented PR. Also because a fundamental problem in which media PR know-how wasn't accumulated was underlying, we had a consultation about 'public information development' at the same time. For example
To find out the information inside the company
To create a press release which made connection to the articles
To show how they can make their booth attractive when they had their products at an exhibition etc
PR budget
PR strategy course^400,000 yen per month
Point of improvement
Those opportunities which were attracting and being placed on nationwide newspapers, block news paper, general magazine had increased after half a year. An interview from a TV show came by ripple effect of this.

Message from the person in charge

The contract between the company and the PR company wasn't effective and the client company only entrusted their output task (PR activity) to the PR company
When we had an enquiry from the client, their situation was the same. As a result of hearing their story, we proposed a media PR strategy to achieve their goal.
Now we are giving a tutorial to a person in charge to get him to be able to find out PR sources and send out information, which is reviewed from the point of view of media coverage on the media side. (Suzuki)
Hidetoshi Suzuki
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